Welcome to Into the Wild


In our busy world and lives, sometimes we forget that nature was the one that first taught us.

At Into the Wild, our ethos is ‘nurturing through nature’, and our key inspiration is allowing nature to be the teacher.

We are a group of teachers and biologists who joined together to start this project based in the National Park of Costa Vicentina, in the south of Portugal.



We provide weekly retreats and outdoor courses that are educational, fun and often life-changing.

We bring people, young and old, into a more meaningful, loving, respectful, joyous and spirited relationship with the earth. 

We want a future where nature matter's, where we capture what people have to offer, and realize we all are important.


Courses are available both in Portugal and Latvia.

Weekly retreats are currently available in Portugal.


We feel that rediscovering nature is beneficial and therapeutic for all ages. We need to reconnect with our earthly roots and our symbiotic relationship with the earth and its systems.

In the outdoors, all our senses are stimulated. We feel alive, inspired, relaxed and fulfilled!

We want to offer you a possibility where you can breathe fresh air and engage personally with the real world, where your mind and body can develop, bloom and burst into life.

We are life on earth and its about time we all feel some kinship with the planet again.