Outdoor Education leadership foundation course

This is primarily a hands-on, experiential course and is based on nature connection, practices and activities. The program will introduce earth education, nature awareness, creative interpretation, bushcraft, sensory awareness and narrative skills.


Who is it suitable for?

The program has been created for those on a personal and professional development path. It may be at the point of a career change or after graduating that the need for practical experience and mentoring in the field is required.

To align you with your goals, connect you deeply with nature and offer you tools and experience that will translate effectively into everyday life.

The program is geared toward teachers, educators, outdoor instructors, rangers, forest school leaders, play-workers, and in more general terms, those who are change-agents, community leaders, people in personal or professional transition.

For those who long a more fulfillment in their lives and a deeper impact in the world.


What will you learn?

  • Learn and/or develop new skills, tools and techniques to become a more effective educator

  • Gain experience with a range of client-groups

  • Discover more of your gifts, passions and vision

  • Move yourself closer to your professional aspirations, and toward your dreams for yourself and the world

  • Receive coaching, mentoring and support

  • Adopt routines that connect you with nature and can facilitate others connection to nature

  • Be introduced to new ideas and new practices

  • Foundation Program Outline


Program Structure:

·         6 modules weekends, 3 days each

·         5-10 days field work on into the wild Portugal camps or events

·         4 online mentoring sessions (skype)

·         Various assignments and practices associated with developing nature connection and integrated learning.

·         Online peer group




22nd to 24th November 2019

Introduction to outdoor survival basic skills - medicine wheel, orientation, firecraft, campcraft skills, introduction to core routines. Night walk. Assignments & practices.



24th to 26th January 2020

Bushcraft skills – firecraft, shelter-building, cutting tools, coppicing, woodcraft, wild foods, campfire cookery. Assignments & practices.



28th to 1st March 2020

Creative interpretation. Nature games. Earth Education. Environmental storytelling. Animating nature. Narrative techniques. Assignments and practices.



3rd to 5th April 2020

Sensory awareness. Tracking skills. Wildlife observation. Bird language. Night activity.Medicine walk. Assignments and practices.



6th to 8th June 2020

Gaia theory. Deep ecology. Active Hope. Council of All Beings. Overnight solo. Assignments and practices



3rd to 5th July 2020

Leadership styles. Eco Constellations. Information and resources for Environmental Education. Celebration!



Students work with "Into the Wild" staff to gain experience assisting on courses and camps.. By negotiation there is an option to work with similar external organisations. A minimum of 3 days is required.



4 sessions of one-to-one focused inquiry to support the participant in how they reflect on the course, develop their emotional literacy, their professional and personal aspirations and clarify next steps.



The evaluation is based on the student's practical performances on various assignments and practices associated with developing nature connection and integrated learning.



Group support with online sessions. Help each other to connect ourselves with the environment and discover our true nature.

Course Fees:

Total fee for the course: 1.800€

Fee per module: 350€

Each module runs for 3 days from Friday - Monday and includes an evening meal.

You must provide your own tent /sleeping bag and food for breakfast / and lunch.

You can book from 1 to 6 modules , each module costing 350 Euros, if you book all 6 modules the total price will be discounted down to 1,800 Euros.

You must pay a 30% deposit of the total cost upon application(paid by direct payment to) and the remainder to be paid upon arrival of each module.

A diploma will be awarded when all 6 modules are completed.

Review by Eva Richterová 

July 14, 2019

As a child's mentor in the field of nature connection, I often look for an inspiration in nature literature. When years ago I first discovered the book Coyote's guide to connection with nature a spark was lightened in me, together with curiosity and acknowledgement that there is more people out there with love for children and this world, working in this field for years with great experience, connected to a linage of truly and deeply involved naturalist, trackers and guides. 

After some years of self studying, when I started to feel the need to deepen this path, "Call of the Wild”, foundation course in outdoor education and nature connection came to Portugal. Facilitated by Chris Salisbury, a genuine guide, gifted storyteller and extraordinary skilled group leader with a wider vision. 

We were taken on the journey of awakening senses, bushcraft and survival skills, learning how to capture the child's (and adults) interest in nature through games, stories and play. After this course you not only gain practical tools but also an understanding of the whole picture of human influence on this planet and an importance of every little step of each human individual, as well as the necessity of communal action! And an extra recognition, that our role as parents and mentors is to keep the spark in the child's eyes lightened!