Disconnect to Reconnect

We are global citizens, connected environmental activists and truly outdoor enthusiasts. We care so much for nature that we felt a big call to know more about it and to know it deeply in our bodies.

I was told to bring people to spend time outdoors and interact with the elements. Living in a National Park in south of Portugal, I was blessed with the opportunity to find a magical land at Sitio Cascalheira, not far from Alzejur. Then I met Klaus, who is a German social worker and both created Disconnect to Reconnect.


Disconnect to Reconnect is a 3 day program which offer key outdoor experiences.

We offer exciting, well-structured and engaging activities that will inspire and encourage you to reconnect with nature and respect the natural world.

All practices are an inquiry and exploration of sensation, movement and stillness. Our invitation is about experimentation and play, a deeper embodied sense of self that nurtures body, mind and soul.


When we are Outdoors we feel more alive, all our senses are stimulated, we feel inspired, relaxed and fulfilled.

Join us in our program Disconnect to Reconnect if you care for nature or if you have been feeling stressed lately. It is about time that we feel urgently the need to reconnect with our earth roots and our symbiotic relationship with earth and its systems.

So see you in Portugal in October!