One of the most effective ways to inspire and enrich ourselves, our communities and each other is to find our way back to engaging whole heartly with the natural world. This course is designed to invite people to spend time in nature, to become an environmental educator and to cultivate ‘this nature connection ‘in helpful and meaningful ways.

Therefore, we invite you to become one of the new generation of change-makers through the Into the Wild program.


Into The Wild Journey

The process of developing our capacity to be a mentor for nature connection is an adventure that’s full of potential opportunities, challenges and possibilities.

This program will give you the skills and tools to navigate this journey and bring your leadership potential out into the world, supported by experienced professionals, a community of like-minded students and a connection with the natural world itself.


Program Structure:

·         14 days - 1 week in July and 1 week in August.  

·         5-10 days field work at Into the Wild camps or events

·         4 online mentoring sessions (skype)

·         Various assignments and practices associated with developing nature connection and integrated learning.

·         Online peer group


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20th to 26th July 2018

Introduction to outdoor survival basic skills- medicine wheel, orientation, firecraft, campcraft skills. Bushcraft skills – firecraft, shelter-building, cutting tools, coppicing, woodcraft, wild foods, campfire cookery. Creative interpretation. Nature games. Earth Education. Environmental storytelling. Animating nature. Narrative techniques. Nightpaddle. Night walks. Assignments and practices.


WEEK 2: AWARENESS,HEART,LEADERSHIP 17th to 23rd August 2018

Sensory awareness. Tracking skills. Wildlife observation. Medicine walk. Gaia theory. Deep ecology. Active Hope. Council of All Beings. Overnight solo. Assignments and practices. Leadership styles. Eco Constellations. Information and resources for Environmental Education. Celebration!

 Course Fees:

1.     850,00€ per week

2.     750,00 € per week (with bursary)

14 day professional training course, fieldwork, mentoring and 1 meal.

You must provide your own tent /sleeping bag and food for breakfast / and lunch

It is required the payment of 30% of the total amount, at the time of registration.

The course will take place if there is a minimum of 20 participants.

A diploma will be awarded when 2 weeks are completed.